Schloss Münster

Castle Münster

© ULB Münster, Sammlung Carl Pohlschmidt
DEU near Münster

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nwolpert published on 09/07/2016 1:58 p.m.:

The Prince Bishop Castle in Münster is a 1767 to 1787 built baroque Residence Castle.
During World War II the castle became victim of Allied bombing several times and suffered serious damage. Only the outer walls remained widely intact.

After the war, the British occupying forces first planned the complete demolition, but after protests by German officials, the castle was rebuilt in order to use it as an administrative and lecture building of State University. The building was completely gutted and only the outer walls reused.
Already in 1950 the first lectures took place. Today the castle is the symbol of the Westphalian Wilhelms University.

With kind permission of the ULB Münster.

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