Rathaus Münster

Rathaus Munster

© Foto: Stadtarchiv Münster (Fotosammlung Nr. 1021)
DEU near Münster

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nwolpert published on 05/21/2020 6:07 p.m.:

The Prinzipalmarkt in Münster around 1902. In the middle is the town hall, known for the negotiations for the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. It was largely destroyed in the Second World War and rebuilt in the 1950s true to the original. In comparison it can be seen that today's reconstruction is very close to the original, only a few proportions have been slightly changed.
To the left is the city wine house ("Stadtweinhaus"), which was added to the town hall in 1615 and is connected to it. Originally it was used for wine storage; today it houses boardrooms and a restaurant.


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oliver42 wrote on 05/22/2020 5:30 a.m. :

Sind Sie gerade auf Deutschlandtournee ?

Are you currently on tour in Germany?

nwolpert wrote on 05/22/2020 7:18 a.m. :

Auf kleiner NRW-Tournée sozusagen ;-)

On a small NRW tour so to speak ;-)

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