Tour Charlemagne

Charlemagne tower

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FRA near Tours

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nwolpert published on 03/09/2022 9 p.m.:

The "Tour Charlemagne" is the remains of a former basilica in Tours dedicated to Saint Martin (who is now buried in the new basilica, partially to the right of the picture). The name comes from a legend that Charlemagne's fourth wife was buried here, although this is disputed. Like many other sacred buildings, the basilica was largely destroyed during the French Revolution. The tower also suffered from various events in the years that followed (earthquakes, construction of the tramway, which caused the tower to tremble with every passage, etc.).

Finally, on March 26, 1928, the south side of the tower collapsed, partially burying neighboring buildings. However, there were no casualties because the residents were evacuated in good time. For a long time, the parts of the tower that were still standing remained only provisionally secured. Delayed by the Second World War, the tower was not fully restored until the 1960s. Today it can even be climbed again.


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