Place St.-André-des-Arts

St. André des Arts Square

© Charles Marville
FRA near Paris

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nwolpert published on 02/21/2019 10:42 p.m.:

Place St. André des Arts 1865-1868. The square was built around 1800 after the destruction of the eponymous church that stood here and was sold and demolished during the French Revolution.

The houses on the left were demolished in 1898 in favor of the construction of the rue Danton. The central group of houses should be removed several times, but it still exist today. With its somewhat quirky architecture, it is a testimony of the architecture before the restructuring of Paris in the 19th century.

The old photo goes back to Charles Marville (1813-1879), a very successful and innovative French photographer of the 19th century. Today he is best known for his photos of the old quarters in central Paris, commissioned by the government Napoleon III. to document the city before the radical transformations of the prefect Haussmann.

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