Pont St. Michel

St. Michael's Bridge

© Hippolyte-Auguste Collard
FRA near Paris

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nwolpert published on 02/18/2016 6:49 p.m.:

View on the freshly finished Pont St. Michel in 1859 and today, which connects the Ile de la Cité with the left bank. It was built in 1857-58 during the Second Empire under Napoleon III., as still can be recognized by the Napoleonic "N" at the pillars.
Particularly striking is the now missing building on the right of the Notre-Dame - this was the Hôtel Dieu, a hospital founded in the 7th century, which was demolished during urban development measures of Baron Haussman. At the location of the former houses on the left there is now the Paris police prefecture, a building in neo-Renaissance style, which was built at the same time with the demolition of the Hôtel Dieu. Also note that the cathedral's spire is still in the process of construction.


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