St. Mary's Church

© Cramers Kunstanst. "12" Dortmund. h 477.
DEU near Osnabrück

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nwolpert published on 07/22/2016 8:44 a.m.:

The St. Mary's Church of Osnabrück, seen from the courtyard of the Cathedral of St. Peter. The Lutheran parish and market church is centrally located on the historic square. In the foreground is the so-called Lion Poodle, a statue of a lion reminiscent of a poodle. The first stone dates back to the Middle Ages, since then the stone sculptures were replaced by copies probably several times (the one today, positioned slightly to the left, goes back to 1929).

Since the historic center was heavily damaged in WWII many buildings no longer exist. At the site of the former restaurant "Lion Poodle" is now a bookstore.

Old postcard with kind permission of www.bildpostkarten.uos.de.


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