Statue of Henry W. Grady, Atlanta, Georgia

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USA Corner of Forsyth and Marietta Streets

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The Henry W. Grady statue in Atlanta, Georgia, United States was created by Alexander Doyle in 1891 and stands in downtown Atlanta. Henry Grady (May 24, 1850 – December 23, 1889) was an American newspaper editor who helped reintegrate the states of the Confederacy into the Union after the American Civil War. Grady was considered a Progressive figure for his “New South” oratory, but his arguments supporting white supremacy in the post–Civil War South have resulted in his legacy being seen by some as overtly racist. In 2019, as monuments associated with the Confederacy began toppling in Southern cities, local student groups began calling for the removal of the statue or the addition of a plaque offering context of Grady be attached.

The statue stood in front of the U.S Post Office and Customs House (built 1878), which served as Atlanta's City Hall from 1910 until it was demolished in 1930.

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The Grady statue currently stands in front of the 55 Marietta Building, completed 1958 as the Fulton National Bank Building. At 21 stories, it was the tallest building in the city when completed in 1958 until surpassed by One Park Tower in 1961. The building is currently used as a fiber telecommunications data center.

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