North Decatur Road at Clifton Road, Atlanta GA

© Helicopter image published in The Emory Wheel, 1959
USA near Atlanta
© Alex Koeppel, in collaboration with Tomasin Akanbi

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silvermanphoto published on 07/24/2023 6:27 a.m.:

A revisited scene of the Emory Village business district on the Emory University campus. The architecture is largely preserved, and the Druid Hills tree canopy is largely intact 63 years later. The original shows how throughly car culture had become embedded in the streetscape by the late 1950s, with a filling station, a repair garage, street front parking, and a busy roadway at the center of the only business district for this college campus designed in the 1910s by architect Henry Hornbostel to be a bucolic country campus.


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