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USA Plaza Theatre

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fostershome published on 02/16/2022 2:13 a.m.:

The Plaza Theatre sits squarely at the center of Briarcliff Plaza, Atlanta's first shopping center with an outdoor parking lot, and a development that in part marked the start of strip mall culture in America. Opened in late 1939, the Theatre was a touchstone of the community for years, until the 70's. During this decade, the area deteriorated, taking the theater with it, hence the adult films being advertised in the original image. Luckily, a plan started in the 80's helped revive the area as a whole, and Briarcliff Plaza was revitalized. Today, the Plaza Theatre is a key part of the community, showing cult classics along with new films. The marquee continues to be one of the most iconic visuals on Ponce De Leon Avenue.


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