The Two Abbot Rooms, Belfast Free Library

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USA near Sherbrooke

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belfastmuseum published on 10/07/2021 5:30 p.m.:

The expansion project proposed for the Belfast Free Library in the early 1980s included the addition of a community room auditorium. The architects design picked up features of the original 1887 structure in creating the Abbott Room, a new library entrance and room for more book stacks. The ribbon cutting and reception for the new $200,000 wing was held on February 23, 1985. By 1998 an onsite expansion and renovation necessitated the removal of the 1985 structure. In its place, a new Abbott Room and entrance was proposed. The expansion included a floor devoted to children's books and activities, a third floor devoted to local history and special collections, a conference room and an elevator. A ground level gallery became available to local artists for exhibits. The four story building was opened in 2000.


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