Place Jeanne Hachette

Place Jeanne Hachette

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FRA Beauvais

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nwolpert published on 05/20/2021 2:49 p.m.:

The Town Hall Square of Beauvais, today called "Place Jeanne Hachette", around 1900 and today. The name goes back to a heroine of the city, who is said to have played a symbolically important role in defending Beauvais against besiegers in the Hundred Years War.

As a place for gatherings, markets and festivals, the place was long political center of Beauvais. It was bordered by houses from the 16th century and the town hall from the 18th century.
In the right foreground, one can see the pillars of the "Maison des Trois-Piliers" ("House of the Three Pillars"), built in 1263 and restructured in 1500, which was used as a hotel for a long time. The (in contradiction to the name) four pillars were decorated with lilies and French coats of arms.
A bronze statue still commemorates the eponym of the place, and festivals are held each year in memory of the local heroine.

German bombing destroyed the old cityscape in June 1940, 80% of the old buildings fell victim to the aerial bombs.
A reconstruction plan was worked out in 1942 by star architect Georges Noël and realized in 1950. It corresponds to a monumental and fairly cold style, with uniform houses and clear facades.
In the background is the Cathedral of Beauvais, which survived the World War without damage.


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