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nwolpert published on 05/20/2020 5:01 p.m.:

View of the Rathausstrasse from the market in Soest. In the background one can can see the impressive tower of the St. Patrokli Cathedral, which is considered the epitome of Romanesque architecture in Westphalia. The Café Fromme has been located in the front right corner since 1852. In 1870 the half-timbered house was replaced by a building in the classicist style and probably rebuilt in a similar form after the destruction in World War II.
The building on the opposite was built in 1825 on the site of a former church as a social house of the Soest civil society "Resource". After the Second World War, the "Ratskeller" restaurant was inaugurated there.
In the front of the church one can see the western side of the baroque town hall.

oliver42 wrote on 05/21/2020 5:30 a.m. :

Kaum zu glauben, dass da knapp 120 Jahre zwischen liegen !

Hard to believe that there are almost 120 years between!

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