Lake Tjörnin

© Magnús Ólafsson (Reykjavik Photo Museum)
ISL Reykjavik

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nwolpert published on 08/03/2019 7:31 p.m.:

View on the Lake Tjörnin in Reykjavik in 1908 and 2019. On the north shore, many important buildings of the city are located, including the Parliament (center) and the Cathedral (right next to it). The latter both are hidden in the current picture of the modern city hall, which was opened in 1992. Its location and architecture was controversely discussed.
Of the other buildings, only a few have survived until today. On the far right of the picture is the former theater, which is called "Iðnó". It was built in 1896 and the building was used as a theater until 1989, when it moved to another location. Today it is used for cultural events and a café is located in it.
Back then, the lake froze during winter, and the ice was used industrially. Later, the lake became a popular place for skating.


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