Hafnarstræti 15

Hafnarstræti 15

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nwolpert published on 06/29/2019 1:29 p.m.:

On June 4, 1928, the first domestic flight took place in Iceland. Before the small seaplane took off from the harbor, it was exhibited at Hafnarstræti 15. The house built in 1898 has largely preserved its appearance to this day. Over time various offices and shops were located here. During the Second World War, Iceland's first fast food shop opened here, at that time a novelty for the Icelanders used to traditional local food. In 1979, the restaurant "Hornið" ("The Corner") opened here. Later, a small hot dog stand was erected in the square where the plane was standing (here behind the small gray building), which became world famous and visited by many celebrities.


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