© Magnús Ólafsson (Reykjavik Photo Museum)
ISL near Reykjavík

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nwolpert published on 08/03/2019 7:33 p.m.:

Vesturgata in Reykjavik in 1911. A group of people prepares for a horseback excursion. On the house on the left stood the lettering "Liverpool". This stems from the fact that some houses in the Vesturgata were named after British cities at the time of the flourishing trade with Great Britain (here the houses Aberdeen and Liverpool can't be seen; the latter had already burned down at that time).
The houses in the Vesturgata are among the oldest surviving buildings in Reykjavik. In the 20th century, they were in very poor condition for a long time. In modern times, however, they have been extensively restored.


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