Loodsgebouw / Margueriedok

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BEL near Antwerpen

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nwolpert published on 05/03/2018 7:19 p.m.:

The Loodsgebouw (Pilotage) is an administrative office building from 1894, situated between Bonapartedok and the Scheldt. The building was used as such until 2003, when it was sold by the city of Antwerp to the Flemish government. The Pilotage is an eclectic building, there is also a court yard and it has a stately tower. In the framework of a masterplan for the renovation of the Scheldt Quays, Loodswezen is planned to get a new destination, possibly with food and drink services.

Beside it was located since 1883 the "Marguerie Schuilhaven" or "Margueriedok", a beach place for rowing boats. Those who wanted to anchor on board a ship could turn to the rowers. At the raft bridge Steenplein you could get on and off. The boats were put into the court in the eveining, as one can see in the picture. The name Marguerite Dock goes back to Ludovicus Marguerie (1821 - 1889), who as city councilor and shipbuilder promoted the construction of this dock.
Today, the dock hardly seems to be used as a dock for rowing boats.


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