La Closerie des Lilas

The Closerie des Lilas

Unknown author
FRA near Paris

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nwolpert published on 01/28/2018 3:41 p.m.:

The Closerie des Lilas is a café and restaurant in the Montparnasse district of Paris. Since its opening in 1883, it has attracted countless famous artists and writers; these included Émelie Zola, Claude Monet, Guillaume Apollinaire, Lenin, Pablo Picasso, Oscar Wilde, Jean-Paul Sartre and, in his younger years, Mick Jagger and Johnny Depp. The name means as much as "yard of lilacs" (originally lilac bushes were planted here); at the time the establishment was next to a ballroom ("Bal Bullier", closed today), whose visitors met here before or after the dance. Today the Closerie des Lilas is still equipped with the interior decor of the 1920s.


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Lena wrote on 01/28/2018 11:13 p.m. (edited on 04/15/2019 3:54 p.m.) :

Sehr schön!

Very nice!

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