Boulder Glacier

© Morton Elrod, University of Montana
USA Boulder Glacier
© Fagre/Pederson (USGS)

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usgs published on 12/22/2015 8:46 a.m.:

This view of Boulder Glacier was taken from a ridge above Hole-in-the-Wall that connects to a spur ridge from Chapman Peak. The 1910 photograph indicates that this area is just coming out of the grip of the "Little Ice Age", a 400 year period of below average temperatures and above average snowfall that increased the size of the glaciers. The glacier actually extended to the right and over Boulder Pass in 1910. A very different view is evident in 2007. If you hike over Boulder Pass today you pass beneath and between several sets of moraines that indicate where the glacier used to be. (with kind permission from http://nrmsc.usgs.gov/repeatphoto).


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