Loft of the Art Barn at YBGR

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USA Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch

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AMohr published on 07/18/2019 5:43 p.m.:

Long before the Uihlein Recreation Center was built in 1973, indoor recreational activities like basketball on the YBGR campus were played in the loft of the dairy barn. The "Then" picture is from the 1960's (exact date unknown) of the YBR basketball team, sponsored by the Billings Breakfast Optimist Club practicing in the loft. The "Now" picture is from 2019. For some years now the loft of the Art Barn has been used to store recreational gear for YBGR camping outings, fishing trips, skiing and snowshoeing experiences, kayaking and canoeing excursions, and other day trip supplies.

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