Große Straße

© Rudolf Lichtenberg
DEU near Osnabrück

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nwolpert published on 09/06/2016 3:58 p.m.:

Around 1910, the Große Straße ("Great Street") in Osnabrück had become a veritable shopping street. A decisive change had brought the light rail transit system in 1906: Both lines led to the Große Straße, which now had the ideal conditions in terms of accessibility to potential customers. The advertisements spreading like wildfire helped customers finding the right house, in the form of oversized signboards, through taped special offers crossing over the shop windows, or through expenses in the growing department store windows. A "consumer temple" that set the tone at the time was the department store Conitzer & Söhne - operated under the name "Fashion Bazar" - (right of the screen). According to the contemporary department store architecture, the 1st floor was designed as a storefront. To protect the displays in the large windows from the midday sun, they had let down the awnings, hitherto completely unknown objects in the streets. Given this modernity, the remaining old buildings seemed almost out of place. Their later demolition but was not associated with the new construction of a department store , they had to make way for a road breakdown, from which the town planner hoped to relieve the Great Road to Neumarkt - the so-called "Thor'scher Durchbruch" (later Jürgensort). Demolished were the houses Nos. 65 (House J. Roth) and 64 (house right next to it). For orientation, note the building with the curved gable construction No. 62, which has remained in almost unchanged form to this day (with kind permission of the Museum Industrierkultur).


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