Große Straße no. 62

© Rudolf Lichtenberg
DEU near Osnabrück

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nwolpert published on 07/23/2016 11:27 a.m.:

The house no. 62 in the "Große Straße" in Osnabrück, with its curved, gable structure crowned by urns. The so-called "Göslingsches Haus" (named after its original owner, the master baker Hermann Friedrich Gösling) is a two-story, three-axle construction, whose superimposed sandstone gable was listed again in 1790 as part of the renovation. The building Große Straße no. 62 has remained virtually unchanged to this day. On the ground floor of the baroque building Lichtenberg has recorded around 1910, Carl Dütting pursued his wine store. The shop of today listed building has been repeatedly changed over the years and adapted to new needs and consumer habits. Since the 1920s until 2006, the traditional shoe shop Schröder was housed here (with kind permission of the museum industrial culture).


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