Law Court Osnabrück

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DEU near Osnabrück

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nwolpert published on 07/26/2016 4:46 p.m.:

Law Court on Osnabrück Neumarkt. The original structure with three floors and twenty axes was completed in 1878 and was home then as now for the regional court.

On the place in front of the building, a war memorial was inaugurated in 1880, which the people of Osnabrück had financed in enthusiasm for the unification of the German Empire. The monument was divided into base, Victory Column and Germania with imperial banner and laurel wreath. On panels mounted on the base of the monument, the names of the fallen in the war with France in 1870/71 were listed.

The square in front of the courthouse was an important station for the bus lines of the "Osnabrücker Omnibus Society" opened in 1924, which provided an important connection to the new city part Schinkel.

During World War II, the building was heavily damaged during air raids on October 6, 1942, which is why the district court moved to Bad Essen. In 1944 it was damaged by air raids a second time. Until the spring of 1952, the building was renovated; 1969 a new building was erected on Kollegienwall. Recently, the building was extensively renovated frpm 2011 to 2009.

Until today, the Neumarkt is a major hub of the Osnabrück bus traffic. Since 2014, it is a permanent construction site.

With kind permission of the Museum Industriekultur.


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