Maison de Gilles de la Boë

House of Gilles de la Boë

Unknown author
FRA near Lille

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nwolpert published on 05/01/2019 6:23 p.m.:

The house of Gilles de la Boë, also known as Bon Bouillon, is a Flemish Mannerist style house located at the corner of Place Louise-de-Bettignies and Avenue du Peuple-Belge in Lille. Built in 1636 near the old port of Lille for the trader in spices and fabrics Gilles de la Boé, the house has also hosted a tavern, "Au Bon Bouillon", hence its nickname. Built of stone and brick, the house comprises a ground floor, surmounted by sandstone arches, and a floor where openings and niches alternate, surmounted by triangular or semicircular pediments. The set is decorated with heavy garlands of fruit that connect thick carriers.


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