Dufilho Pharmacy

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USA near New Orleans

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nwolpert published on 03/14/2019 10:30 p.m.:

514 Chartres Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans. The red house is the former pharmacy of Louis J. Dufilho (1783-1823), today Pharmacy Museum.

Dufilho's importance to the city dates back to 1804. Previously, a person could apprentice for six months and then compound and sell his or her own concoctions without any regulations or standards. The public received incorrect doses and erroneous medications. This changed in 1804, when Louisiana Governor Clairborne passed a law requiring candidates to undergo a three-hour oral examination by a board of reputable pharmacits and physicians. Louis Dufilho was the first to pass this test, therefore making his pharmacy the first United States apothecary shop to be conducted on the basis of proven adequacy.

In 1936 the building was apparently unused and in very poor condition. But it has been well restored since and today is on the list of cultural monuments of the USA.

The building to the left was a furniture store at that time; today a fashion boutique.
The posters on the right side of the old pharmacy promote the play "Arts & Miss Bottle" with Katherine Hepburn, who later would became world famous as a film actress.

Sources: www.shorpy.com, Pharmacy Museum New Orleans


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Lena wrote on 03/15/2019 5:23 a.m. (edited on 04/15/2019 3:57 p.m.) :

Oha, New Orleans! Dürfen wir jetzt etwa mehr aus den Vereinigten Staaten erwarten? :-)

Oha, New Orleans! May we now expect more from the United States? :-)

nwolpert wrote on 03/15/2019 10:16 a.m. (edited on 04/15/2019 3:57 p.m.) :

Leider nur noch eins, ich hatte nicht viel Zeit... Ich komme aber hoffentlich bald zurück :-)

Unfortunately, only one, I did not have much time ... But I'll hopefully return soon :-)

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