Jayhawker Theater/Liberty Hall

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USA near Olathe

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ccorrell published on 04/18/2018 12:24 a.m.:

The original photo is of the Jayhawker Theater in 1946. In the original photo, the theater was premiering "The Yearling." Also visible in the original picture next to the theater is the Union Bus Depot, Gallagher Motors, a large grain elevator in the background above the Jayhawker and a large industrial building directly in the center background. Now in 2018, the Jayhawker is Liberty Hall, a concert venue, and an independent film theater. The theater no longer has a large sign nor a marquee awning. The Union Bus Depot is now Free State Brewery. The grain elevator is no longer standing nor is the industrial building, which is the site of Lawrence City Hall. Both photos have a show many automobiles from their respective periods.

Lena wrote on 04/18/2018 2:10 a.m. (edited on 04/15/2019 3:55 p.m.) :

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

Very interesting, thanks for sharing!

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