Grand-Place/Grote Markt

Grand-Place / Grote Markt

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BEL near Brussels

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nwolpert published on 04/08/2018 2:47 p.m.:

The Great Market in Brussels, early 20th century and today. The central square with its baroque facades is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.

On the older picture you can see a flower market, which takes place there in the week until today.
On the left is a part of the town hall, which was built in the 15th century, destroyed in 1695 during the bombing by French troops and then rebuilt. On the right you see houses no. 1 to 7, which are certainly among the most beautiful on the square. Today, the place is at every time a tourist magnet.

Lena wrote on 04/09/2018 2:11 a.m. (edited on 04/15/2019 3:55 p.m.) :

Sehr, sehr schön!

Very very nice!

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