American Lake Gava

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ESP near L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
© Albert Esteves

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joey90 published on 09/07/2023 6:44 p.m.:

Passeig d’entrada al parc de l’American Lake. Anys 20. L'American Lake fou un lloc d’esbarjo situat a Gavà, impulsat per Artur Costa i Martí (1868-1930)[1] a principis del segle xx. Artur Costa fou un burgés barceloní pertanyent a una família que posseïa una important flota de vaixells amb la qual importaven carbó i que els generà molts ingressos.

Entrance walk to American Lake Park. 1920s. The American Lake was a recreation site located in Gavà, promoted by Artur Costa i Martí (1868-1930)[1] at the beginning of the 20th century. Artur Costa was a bourgeois from Barcelona belonging to a family that owned a large fleet of ships with which they imported coal and which generated a lot of income.


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