Berg en Dalseweg 1904

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NLD near Nijmegen

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marcmaliepaard published on 02/15/2021 1:46 p.m.:

Nijmegen Then and Now. Berg en Dalseweg at the corner with the Ten Hoetstraat in 1904 and 2021, taken from the Mariaplein (Maria square). In 1904 there was a prominent classic building at this corner, with a nice view on the square. However, in 1919 the side view of this house was sacrificed for a builing for a then famous Dutch grocery store named De Gruyter. At that time The Gruyter was looking for prominent places for their stores, preferably at corners of streets. This location met the requirements. This store of De Gruyter and all other of such stores in The Netherlands have lost their function, but many of them are now protected as a monument.


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