Market Square, Goslar, Germany, 1924 vs. 2020

© Kurt Hielscher
DEU Market Square, Goslar

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Casper_Molenaar published on 12/05/2020 7:31 a.m.:

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Market Square, Goslar, Niedersachsen, Germany, 1924 vs. the 10th of August 2020

Last summer I visited the Harz in the middle of Germany and the 922 AD founded beautiful city of Goslar with its UNESCO world heritage protected market square. The eye-catching building on the left is the 1494 built Kaiserworth with its characteristic figures on its facade of which the last one is missing on my photo compared to the one from Kurt Hielscher of almost a century ago. The figures are dedicated to the Goddess of Abundance. Since 1831 an inn and a hotel are housed in it. Also take a look at the dormers to see some changes. In the middle, the 12th Century source crowned with the imperial eagle and the 15th Century built Rathaus, The City Town Hall.


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