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nwolpert published on 04/04/2019 8:57 p.m.:

Rue Champeux in the historic city centre of Troyes, Aube. To the right one can see the so-called "Maison de l'Orfèvre" (House of the Goldsmith), built between 1578 and 1618.
This neighbourhood and in particular the rue du Domino, now called the rue Paillot-de-Montabert, was, in the 16th and 17th centuries, where the silversmiths worked. One of them, Francois Roize, had the hoise on the opposite corner built between 1578 and 1618. Space was so sought after that he had his corbelled stairway installed here, in a turret supported by two caryatids and a Telamon, the floors and a conical roof of which are covered with slate tiles.

This house is also called the "Maison du Boulanger" (the baker's house). It has a corbelled construction, a gabled roof and projecting roof timbers. The dormer window on the roof that opens onto the rue Paillot-de-Montabert still has a pulley that bakers used to raise bags of flour to the loft.

The pretty half-timbered house was, in 1964, the first house to be renovated in the historic centre. It was to be demolished but thanks to a long battle waged by people interested in saving the local historical heritage, it was preserved. Thus was born the Association pour la Sauvegarde du vieux Troyes in 1963. Since 1975, the Maison du Boulanger houses the Troyes Cultural Centre.


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