Champagne Riots

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FRA Troyes

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nwolpert published on 03/27/2019 9:14 p.m.:

Riots in front of the prefecture of Troyes during the so-called "Champagne revolt" of 1911.
This crisis was due to a series of problems associated with years of crop failure. In 1910, hailstorms destroyed 94% of the wine harvest in the Champagne region (which gave name to the sparkling wine). This meant that wine houses bought grapes from other regions and countries, which caused the discontent of the winemakers. The government responded with a law requiring that at least 51% of Champagne's grapes come from the Champagne region. In defining the Champagne region, however, the region of Aube with the city of Troyes, which was commonly regarded as the capital of champagne, was completely omitted. This fueled the rage even more and led to protests and riots, as here in front of the prefecture of the Aube.

It was the First World War which finally interrupted the revolt. After the war, the government redefined the borders of the Champagne region.


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