The Battle of Porta San Paolo, Rome, 10 September

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ITA near Rome

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StuartSW6 published on 09/06/2018 4:13 p.m.:

On 10 September 1943, Porta San Paolo was the scene of the last attempt by the Italian army to avoid the German occupation of Rome

On the evening of the 9th, the 21st Infantry Division "Granatieri di Sardegna" moved towards the centre, engaging in fierce fighting on the Via Laurentina (Tre Fontane locality), around the Exposition Hill (current EUR district) and Forte Ostiense . The German troops marched on the Via Ostiense, towards the heart of Rome.

Despite the overwhelming numerical superiority and armament of the enemy, the walls of Porta San Paolo became a defensive bulwark of resistance, protected by barricades and vehicle carcasses. The grenadiers also fought here with courage, along with the numerous civilians.


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