"Fusdahlgården" in Asker, Norway

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NOR Fusdahlgården, Asker, Norway

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Mihle published on 08/05/2018 6:38 p.m.:

"Fusdahlgården" in Asker, Norway.
It was built in 1928/1929 of Jørgen and Eugenie Fusdahl.

One of the first tenants was bookkeeper Kaare Stenseng who started Asker Book & Paperhandel there in 1932. He moved out of the building in 1966.

Others who were renters include Dentist Truls Grøsland and photographer Harald Ohnstad.

The photographer was known for the use of a sprinkling monkey toy by photographing children to make them smile. Often this could have an opposite effect and ended in cry and instead a certain cheerfulness from the parents side.

The most recent ownership change was in 2015 where the Tandberg brothers, that own majority of buildings in Asker Downtown.


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