Engabreen Glacier

© Axel Lindahl / www.nibio.no
NOR Holandsfjorden
© Oskar Puschmann / www.nibio.no

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Tilbakeblikk published on 11/26/2015 1:21 p.m.:

Engabreen Glacier at Holandsfjorden, Nord, in 1889, and again in 2010. Axel Lindahl’s picture of Engabreen from 1889 shows the foot of the glacier, where there was only ice, glacial gravel, water and bare mountainsides in a seemingly cold and hostile landscape. Now, more than 120 years later, the valley has become far more fertile. Birch forest, shore meadows, willow thickets and marshland have established themselves, while the glacier arm has retreated far back up the mountainside.


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Pierre_LYOBA wrote on 08/04/2018 12:06 p.m. (edited on 04/15/2019 3:56 p.m.) :

Wouaouhh! Many Thanks !

Wouaouhh! Many Thanks !

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