Campbell and Castlereagh Streets, Sydney

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SydneyThenandNow published on 04/01/2018 10:08 a.m.:

The south east corner of Campbell and Castlereagh Streets, Sydney. From St Francis’ Catholic Church in circa 1900 to the City Circle viaduct in 2017. St Francis’ was built in 1864 and demolished in 1909 after the property was resumed to make way for a planned Square at the south western end of the proposed new Wentworth Avenue. The square idea was dumped and in 1914 Rickard's Building was erected on the site. Rickard's turned out to be one of the shortest lived buildings in Sydney's CBD, as it was itself resumed and demolished in 1914 to make way for the City Circle viaduct.

[circa 1900-State Library of NSW>2017-Phil Harvey]


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