Rephotography means the act of taking a photo of a scene that has already been photographed some time ago. It is a challange for the photographer to approximate the original location and camera pose as good as possible. The resulting picture pair is called Before-After-Photo. Suited are both buildings and people:

20 years
50 years

This website helps to produce und to publish Before-After-Photos. Visitors can browse the database according to different search criteria and view a picture pair with an animated transition. Registered users can upload their photos, supply location and time information and adjust both pictures through a pixel transformation. Comments and ratings are also possible. It is taken for granted, that the user has the right to publish his photos. This website emerged from a research project at the University of Osnabrück (Germany), initiated by Oliver Vornberger and with contributions from Ann-Katrin Becker, Rasmus Diederichsen and Sören Weber.